Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Please help

Hi, I've done this little pencil drawing on tracing paper. Does any one know how I can get rid of the white background in photoshop so I can colour it in on the underneath layer. I usually use the magic wand at 50% but I seen to loose alot of the pencil line and it seems to go thin. Please help.


Emily Pickle said...

Hi, probably not the technical way but I would mess about with the brightness/contrast to lighten the background. It might also be easier to make the drawing greyscale while you do this as you can change it back when you want to add the colour. Good luck xx

marlenedesigner said...

Like Emily said, play with the brightness/contrast or the levels to make the white areas whiter, and the black darker. You can use the magic wand at a lower tolerance so it picks less pixels.